Q: How do I go on a tour? 

A: Book your ticket on this web site and then arrive at the start time at the starting point of the tour that you want to go on.  Then present your e-ticket or booking order number to the tour guide.  Your e-ticket and booking order number is sent automatically to you to the email address that you give us when making the booking.

You may also be able to buy a ticket "on the gate" at the start time and meeting point of our tours but this is subject to availabilty.  Some of our tours will be sold out if you arrive without pre-booking and others will have spaces available.  These spaces if available will usually be offered at a discount price to our usual price of £10 for an adult and £5 for a child.




Q: How do I get my free gift? 

A: Your tour guide will give it to you at the beginning of the tour.


Q:  Is there a minimum age to go on a tour? 

A: There is no minimum age but all under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or by an authorised adult such as a school group teacher.



Q:  How long do the tours last, how far do we walk and is any special footwear or clothing recommended. 

A:  They last approximately 2 1/2 hours depending on the size of the tour group. All of our tours are in Central London and on flat terrain.  They are at an easy walking pace and cover no more than 2 miles (3.5 km) in distance, with many stops in between.  We recommend sensible walking shoes and casual, comfortable clothing.



Q:  What happens if it is raining?

A: All of our scheduled tours go ahead whatever the weather, except in heavy rain, snow or ice where we will notify customers of any cancellation and offer a rescheduled tour date.  But the beauty of London Premier Walking Tours flexible ticket is that it is valid for 30 days so you can pick any one of the tours on any day.  If you wake up and it is raining then just go on a different day of your choice.  It rains in London far less often than people think and most of London's rain is in the evenings so you will find that most tours are rain free, and some are very sunny!


Q:  We want to book for a large group, will the tour guide be able to cope?

A: This is not a problem, we can run tours for large groups



Q: How long is my ticket valid for? 

A: Your ticket is valid for 30 days from the day of purchase.



Q:  What type of areas of London do the tours cover? 

A:  All of our tours are in built up areas of Central London that are mainly on the regular tourist trail.  We occasionally go into secluded streets and when we do our guides have experience of the area so have safety in mind.



Q:  What language is the tour commentary in? 

A:  The commentary is in English.  Some of our tour guides are multi lingual so may sometimes be able to translate a little.



Q:  Can I go on more than one tour with my ticket? 

A:  The ticket can be used on any one of our tours but not more than once.



Q: What if we are elderly, will the tour be too strenuous for us? 

A: The tours last 2 1/2 hours and cover approximately 2 Miles (3.5 Kilometres).  There are plenty of stops in between.  There are also  public toilets available at various points on the route if required.



Q: Are the free gifts really as good as in the pictures? 

A:  Yes they are nice gifts that you would expect to see in a souvenir shop for between £1.50 and £3 so a great bonus that we are offering to you.



Q:  Are there any other costs regarding entrance fees to buildings or sites during the tour? 

A:  No there are no fees to pay for entering buildings or visiting places of interest during the tour.



Q:  Is there a photo service available that you can purchase memories of the tour from? 

A:  Library photos of places visited on the tour are available to be sent to you by email if you wish.  A small administration fee applies of £1 which you can pay to the tour guide.



Q:  Is it okay or expected to tip the tour guide? 

A:  Our tour guides do their very best to provide a great tour and commentary for you.  They rely in part on tips for their income, so if you feel that they have given a great service then please feel free to tip them.  Thank you on their behalf.



Q:  Are tickets refundable or transferable? 

A:  You can transfer your tickets(s) to another person(s) if you wish, for them to use.  Tickets have a unique booking number code but are unnamed so usable by anybody presenting the ticket to the tour guide.  Because our tickets are valid for thirty days and therefore dates are flexible we would not usually offer refunds.  However, we are a very reasonable and customer focused tour company so in exceptional circumstances and with supporting evidence from the customer we will at our discretion offer refunds.



Q:  Are the tours safe and well planned?

A: Our tour guides follow a specially designed route and will give a short talk regarding personal safety at the beginning of the tour.  The guide will give you the best advice possible to make your tour as safe an enjoyable as possible both before and during the tour but you should take your own care when crossing roads and regarding the safe keeping of any goods or valuables you are carrying with you.  London Premier Walking Tours accepts no liability for personal safety or loss of goods or valuables during the time that you are on the tour.

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