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The London Underground Treasure Hunt

is now The London Outdoor Treasure Hunt for the rest of 2020.


The clues and the things to find from the clues are interesting,

fun and challenging and you will see many fascinating, unusual

historical, entertaining and famous things along the route.


Enter any team size from 1 up to 8 people.


There are 10 London location areas to choose from to do your Treasure Hunting in.


All things to find are within an 800 metre radius of the station and all are outdoors.


List of station areas to choose from:


Paddington station, Victoria station, 

Waterloo station, Euston station, 

King's Cross/St. Pancras station

Fenchurch Street/Tower Hill station, 

Liverpool Street station, London Bridge station,

Marylebone/Baker Street station,

Charing Cross/Covent Garden station


If you have a London Underground Treasure Hunt voucher or ticket, it is valid for

The London Outdoor Treasure Hunt


Please email us your voucher codes, your choice of weekend and your chosen London area location and we will confirm the booking for you.  



All weekend dates are available and you can do your Treasure Hunting any time you like on any day between Friday and Monday. 

All clues are sent to you by email and pictures of the things you find from the clues are emailed back to us by Tuesday afternoon please.


There is a monthly and a yearly leaderboard and you can win prizes on one or both if you finish high up.


Next year we will have both The London Underground Treasure Hunt

and The London Outdoor Treasure Hunt.


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