The Demon Barber... this Friday at 6.30 pm

Join London Horror expert Jenny this Friday at 6.30 pm for the scary Sweeney Todd walking tour.


New Year with Jack The Ripper

Bring in the New Year by joining our brilliant and scary Jack The Ripper Tour this Sunday 3rd January at 1.30 pm

with world leading Ripper expert Jenny.


Our 2016 Walking Tours and Events

Treat yourself to a great walking tour experience in 2016 with one of our brilliant, expert led tours: The Jack The Ripper Tour, The Shakespeare In The City Walk, The Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour, The Sweeney Todd Tour, The Blood & Tears Walk, and The London Underground Treasure Hunt,


Hen Party themed London Underground Treasure Hunt

A brilliant part of any Hen Party night or Hen Do weekend is our saucy Hen Party themed London Underground Treasure Hunt.

Solve the clues and complete the saucy, fun challenges and win naughtly prizes. It's guaranteed to get your Hen Party group aboard the Love Train!


Join the enthralling Shalespeare in the City Walk

Join the fantastic Shakespeare in the City Walk which runs every Friday morning at 11 am. "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them".


London Underground Treasure Hunt, Jack The Ripper Murder Hunt edition

Join the scary and spectacular London Underground Treasure Hunt, Jack The Ripper Murder Hunt special on Tuesday 18th March at 6.30 pm.  Follow in the trail of world's most infamous serial killer, solve the crimes, and win great Ripper and East End prizes.


It's back! The London Terror & Espionage Tour

It's back!  The London Terror & Espionage Tour guided by former Scotland Yard Detective Gary Powell,  A gripping look into London's dark and dangerous underbelly of Terror & Espionage. Next tour is on Sunday 16th March at 1pm.


Valentines Day themed Treasure Hunts

Join one of our amazing Valentine's Day themed London Underground Treasure Hunts at 6.30 pm or 7.30 pm on Thursday 13th February and Friday 14th February.  Who knows, maybe he'll even pop the question at the end of The Treasure Hunt!


Our picture guides are now pocket sized

Just when you thought our Jack The Ripper Secret London Tour couldn't get any better....... well it just has! We now have pocket sized picture guide books to look at during the tour. 

There are nearly 100 images of crime scene and mortuary photographs of the victims, and photos of suspects and police investigators, as well as many pictures of other historical interest. 

You can now enjoy the expert commentary, refer to your picture guide, and still have your hands free to take some of your own photos of the incredible sights of London's East End Ripperland..

London Premier Walking Tours....... where London goes walking, and we do the talking!



Baby Pelicans start their new life in St James Park

Three baby Pelicans have just arrived from Prague Zoo to start their new life in St James Park.  See them familiarise themselves with their new surroundings

during our Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour where you will also see other fantastic aquatic bird life thriving in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.

London Premier Walking Tours.... where London goes walking and we do the talking!


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