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"Jack The Ripper Tour"

Wow, fantastic informative tour...100 miles per hour fact filled dialogue around the eerie streets of Aldgate & Whitechapel. Cliff was brilliant, attentive to all of the walkers, with queries & questions, there were some Ripper experts too in our group & Cliff made the best of them. Brilliant, would highly recommend on a cold chilly night. We did the London Underground treasure hunt too back in May, also fabulous.  Rebecca, November 6th 2019.


"The Jack The Ripper Tour - Blown away"

This weekend my husband and I went on the Jack the Ripper tour, and wow! We were just blown away. Andre was our tour guide and he was amazing. Andre was so informative, he took you right back to those eventful nights in 1888. Andre answered any questions we had as his conclusion honestly blew me away. I would 10/10 recommend doing this tour and taking in the atmosphere.  Laura C, October 29th 2019.


"London Underground Treasure Hunt - Surprisingly good!"

Nicely organised. You do have to be quick and have some brain cells, but great fun. No idea how some people got back before us, nor how we only came 10th out of 14 - we clearly weren't as clever as we thought we were!   KevMac, September 2019


"Jack The Ripper Murder Hunt - Corporate Event"

Thank you to Cliff and the team at London Premier Walking Tours for putting on a fantastic event yesterday.

This was a corporate event for 29 people and all have come back to me since saying how well it was organised and how much they enjoyed it.  Licencer, October 2019.


"Private Corporate Event Treasure Hunt"

Very well organised, great host who was very knowledgeable. Everyone enjoyed themselves - good team builder.  Jendebra, September 2019.


"A really different and enjoyable night out, genuinely good fun!"

We participated as a team of 3 in the London Underground Treasure Hunt and what a great night out we had. If you enjoy treasure hunts and like something a bit different then this is for you! A lot of fun dashing around the zone 1 tube network and plenty of questions and challenges to get through, some easy, others require a bit more thought. A very novel idea. Thanks to the organisers, but watch out for Agent Alex!  Ian, 4th June 2019


"London Underground Treasure Hunt - Such Fun"

What a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening. Meet at Green Park Station and get given your clues and challenges then off you go. But look out for the pesky agents trying to get you.  Great thing to do with friends and I'd imagine with a large party of mates who like to be a bit competitive.

London Underground prizes at the end too.  Welshpeej, 18th April 2019


"London Underground Treasure Hunt"

Please, please go on is an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon; so much fun. Some clues are very challenging and others a bit easier but the determination to get thorough them all will see you through. Absolutely loved it and have booked to go again....with a different set of clues to challenge us! Jon,  2nd April 2019


"Treasure Hunt on The London Underground"

Had a great time in this two hour treasure hunt. Start point is Green Park, where you are given a set of clues and allocated a team name. Then it is up to you to travel to different underground locations to find the clues and photograph them. Added twist with Agent Alex who if you fail to recognise him/her can deduct points. Really entertaining way to spend an afternoon, would definitely recommend.  Kazza, 31st March 2019


"Jack The Ripper Tour"

Very very insightful and very inclusive. my English is improving so I found it very easy to follow the tour and the excitement without getting lost in translation!! highly recommend this tour it was amazing and the tour leaders real know what they are talking about. Salvador, 23rd February 2019.


"Jack The Ripper"

We did a Friday evening Jack The Ripper walking tour with tour guide Sinead which went around the old back streets that don't feel like London. Sinead was very knowledable, entertaining and kept the whole group safe. Learnt a lot, and really takes you back to the time. The tour takes 2 hours, meeting at Aldgate underground station, and finishing near Liverpool street.   Adam, 18th February 2019.


"London Underground Treasure Hunt - SO FUN!"

HIGHLY recommend the London Underground treasure hunt, we live in London and so this was something a bit different to do with our Wednesday evening! The clues were cryptic but a lot of fun to try and work out and we managed to get them all! The added element of the secret agents also made it even more exciting. We were a team of 2 but there were larger groups too. Well done for organising such a fun event!! We want to go again!   JW, 7th February 2019


"Jack The Ripper"

Fabulous atmospheric walk around the dark streets of the Rippers stomping ground guided by the wonderful Sinead. She really brings the story alive with her knowledge, enthusiasm and theatrical descriptions!
I’ve always been a little obsessed with the whole Ripper story and clearly I’m not alone. Absolutely loved this tour and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more. The social history of the area in the 1880s which is described and discussed on the walk is fascinating and shocking.   Sheilagh, 19th January 2019


"Fabulous Underground Treasure Hunt"

We participated in an Underground Treasure Hunt as a group of 7 friends. We had an absolute blast even though our date was in the middle of the Piccadilly Line tube strike. (The treasure hunt avoided the use of that line). There were plenty of prizes for the teams and a great time was had by all. We will definitely repeat this experience. The Agent Alexes are so good - watch out for them!!  Loulou, 14th October 2018


"London Underground Treasure Hunt:  A great unique exprience, lots of fun"

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for a fantastic afternoon on Saturday. The Underground treasure hunt is such a unique concept, we weren’t sure what it was going to be like, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. The organisation from start to finish was excellent. We will be letting all our friends and family know what a great event it is and we will definitely be booking another one in the near future (maybe after I have had the baby though – 7 months pregnant was just about do-able!!)

Natty M, 13th September 2018


"London Underground Treasure Hunt - Really fun thing to do"

I was bought the underground treasure hunt as a birthday present and had a brilliant time. The organisers were amazing and we had so much fun running around trying to work out the clues and take pictures. We also loved the undercover agents. Really fun idea. An excellent thing to do with friends and families, would definitely recommend.  Claire, 24th August 2018


"Shakespeare In The City Walking Tour" 

A tour with a difference. We appreciated Declan's knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject. Clearly a lot of research had gone into selecting specific areas of London that wouldn't normally be visited when thinking of Shakespeare -back streets, a church and a totem pole to name but a few! We would highly recommend him. An entertaining couple of hours.  Doris, 18th August 2018


"Corporate Treasure Hunt"

As a company we had a private Corporate Treasure hunt with easy and hard challenges. It was fun with inter- team rivalries. It was extremely well organised with great prizes. A rematch of teams is already being planned. thanks for a great fun afternoon.  Sarah, 16th August 2018


"We took the Treasure on this epic Hunt"

Like most people, we had this bought for us as a present, and upon arrival was not sure what to expect. Being a Quiz Host, I do love a challenge, and my girlfriend is used to playing the quizzes so has practice when it comes to cryptic clues! On the way there we weren't sure if we would "get into it" but once we left the Pheonix, within minutes of going back onto the Tube we were right in the mix. By the end of our 2 hours, we were rushing around, laughing away and at one point I accidentally left my girlfriend waving on the platform as I got on the train without her! The challenges are fun, and well organised, Prizes for everyone, and I would say a fantastic activity for friends or families looking for something different to do. We thought we had done pretty well, but ended up WINNING out of the 32 teams which made us pretty proud, especially on one of the hottest days of the year! We would definitely do it again, as they run multiple challenges so you can do a completely different hunt! We were pleased with the prizes, and like everyone says, Watch out for Agent Alex, we almost fell into the trap! Cliff the Master of The Hunt obviously works hard on this and you can see a lot of organisation goes into it. One minute you are not sure you will do anything the next you are asking a carriage of random tube passengers to smile for you! Really funny stuff! Look forward to doing it again!  Paul Jacko, 5th August 2018


"London Underground Treasure Hunt"

I don’t even know where to start. We have done a lot of different walking tours over the years but this popped up on a search I was doing for something for my husbands birthday and roped on my sister and brother in law for the ride. What an absolutely fantastic afternoon of non stop fun. Not only were we getting competitive with each other but also with the other teams we were bumping into on the way.
It’s so well organised and put together and knowing that there are so many variations means we can go and do this again and not worry about doing the same thing twice which is amazing.
We played hard and laughed hard the whole way round. I will definitely do this again and have already been looking at other tours that they do.
Brilliant company to get in touch with, quick to respond when contacting them, very professional staff on email and at the evens, we were in stitches.
I’d give more than 5* if it was possible!!  smramsdale, 30th July 2018


"Jack The Ripper Tour"

We had a fantastic time :) Sinead was a brilliant host, very informative and funny with it, she looked after us very well, even when we had something unexpected happen (nothing bad i might add) I will deffo be doing it again.  Shelley P.  29th July 2018


"The Blood & Tears Walk"

Loved this tour! Subject matter was definitely of interest to me. For me what took it from just a walking tour filled with general facts to a walking to tour filled with facts and a great time was Declan! He really gets into the stories and history and pulls you in by setting the stage and having you open your mind and think and participate. This tour starts right on time so it's a good idea to plan a little extra time to make sure you're don't miss the tour. This is a fairly fast pace and fun walking tour so for those who are a bit slow, may struggle a little to keep up. Those who track their steps will not be disappointed. :)  NT, July 20th 2018


"London Underground Treasure Hunt - Great fun!"  

When we got to the meeting point we were given a pack of instructions and clues for the game. Some of the points to be won involved solving clues and going to take pictures of the answers so you could prove you had been to said place. This was our favourite part of the game as it involved some thinking and trying to solve the cryptic clues! The other part of the game was more about interacting with other people on the Underground and taking photos of things that you might happen to see by chance.    Also, beware of Agent Alex! They are super sneaky, so trust no-one! Little old lady asking for directions - don't believe them!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of going! I think the clues differ each time as well so I would consider coming back again with different people and having another go.  Charlotte L., 1st July 2018.


"Jack The Ripper Tour"

So much better than I thought it would be! Our guide Paul was extremely knowledgeable. Learnt alot about the history of London which I wasn't expecting to. He made it very interesting and was funny too! Would recommend giving it a go. Thank you Paul and Scott!  Nanonatorrrrr, 28th May 2018.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt":  Well run, and fun!

The treasure hunt was very well-run and the clues were written in such a way that needed a bit of lateral thinking (couldn’t simply be solved by typing into google). Loved the twists of having Agent Alex and additional points for challenges along the way.

Suitable for a diverse range of people - locals and tourists alike. We came 4th out of 21 teams and our prizes were great but while saying that, no-one leaves empty handed.  It was a fun evening filled with clue-solving and lots of scrambling in the underground. Lots of laughs as well!

The Aussie Traveler, February 15th 2018.


"The Jack The Ripper Tour":  Enjoyable and informative tour.

We Met Jenny at Aldgate station and were soon off on the tour, she talked us through all aspects of the route and murder sites as we went , showing us photos of the areas as they were at the time as well as old police photos of the mutilated bodies and list of possible suspects.
She gave descriptions of the lifestyles and probable habits of the murdered women and how they may have met their ends.
The tour ended back at Aldgate station, all in all a brilliant tour.  Ian, February 20th 2018.


"The Shakespeare In The City Walk":  An educational jaunt through the Bard’s London.

Absolutely excellent tour with our guide, Declan. Exercise and education all in one. An ambulatory experience without compare. Erin, February 17th 2018.


"The Jack The Ripper Tour":  Great experience and really knowledgeable guide.

Always been interested in Jack the Ripper and so booked onto this tour. From start to finish it was gripping and fun and the guide Paul was really, really knowledgeable with great wit and humour. Learned a lot and great to see the locations and learn about the times and some fascinating information you wouldn't know unless you took this tour. Paul the guide has also been involved with Documentaries and Films on the Ripper, so wouldn't mind seeing them! You won't be dissapointed so book & enjoy!  Clare, January 6th 2018.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt":  Corporate Event

I booked the London Treasure Hunt for the Saturday 9th Dec 2017 for around 27 people. The communication for the booking was excellent and very detailed and important points are highlighted. The whole booking process went smoothly. On the day we met at our meeting point where we were met and provided with the instructions for the day, again all details were included that we needed to be aware of. Each member of the teams enjoyed the whole day, their ages ranged from 19 to 65. So this event suits all ages. Yes the day we went was busy because A it was a Saturday and B the date is close to Xmas but that just added to the full to complete the challenges. We mush have looked like loons asking people throughout the challenges if they could help us. I would deffo recommend this company A for the organisation of how its run and B the people who run it. The prizes we thought were brill, we even brought them into the office to use :)

Jackie V, Aylesbury, December 12th 2017.


"The Jack The Ripper Tour":  A very interesting and factual tour.

It was a real privilege to be on the tour, with Jenny our tour guide. She was friendly, knowledgeable & allowed all the group to ask questions, which she offered plausible answers to. She had photos of streets, where the victims were killed, victims alive & dead, & the suspects. She gave an in depth account of how, when & where, the women were killed & we visited most of the areas. We also saw a couple of pubs where these women would've drank in. It was a serious tour.  Helen, December 19th 2017.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt":  Great Fun.

I received this as a birthday gift and did this with a group of equally competitive friends. The Master of the Hunt, Cliff, was great and the clues and challenges were well thought out. The added excitement/ stress of Agent Alex was fun. We really enjoyed ourselves, and as a group of seasoned londoners we were unashamedly studying the tube map, running through stations and interacting with strangers. Absolutely loved it. Helps of course that we won!  Patti, London, DEcember 8th 2017.


"The Blood & Tears Walk":  Fun times.

It was very informative and a great walk around the streets of old London Town. Declan was hilarious and very knowledgeable about blood, guts and dead bodies! It's a great way to spend a couple of hours exploring.  Siobhan, September 7th 2017


"The Jack The Ripper Tour":  Great Night Out

Was a very interesting and exciting tour. Great tour guide. Would definitely recommend.  TJ, October 28th 2017.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt:

Great night out in London, different way to explore the tube!  Clues were tricky but not impossible and it was really well organised! Plus everyone goes home with a prize!!  Would highly recommend!!  Nicola M, September 28th 2017.


"Shakespeare In The City Walk:  A Fabulous Day Out.

I went with my sister on Shakespeare in the city walk and met Decklan . He was brilliant . He knew Shakespeare so well that the bard was brought to life for us . He was able to quote Shakespeare at relevant places and managed to transport us back in time to the 16 th century . It was the most wonderful time we had spent getting educated in the most enjoyable way . Thank you Declan.  Manil, June 4th 2017.


"The Blood & Tears Walk":  Fantastic Tour, Fantastic Tour Guide.

I would recommend this tour to anyone! It was quite awe-inspiring to have a tour from someone who has had a successful book published and he also offered signed copies at the end of the tour! He was welcoming and very engaging and knowledgable, getting the audience involved. So glad I went on this tour.

Leanne, August 14th 2017.


"The Sweeney Todd Tour":  Fascinating

My husband and I plus our 2 kids (well, grown ups actually!) went on this together. It was very interesting, and we all enjoyed it and found places we never knew existed (and I'd worked in London at one time)! So it appealed to two quite different age groups. Jenny, our tour guide, was excellent - she was very knowledgable and amusing, and the pace was just right.  Angela, July 3rd 2017.


"London Underground Treasure Hunt"

A bespoke afternoon treasure hunt was laid on for my office team of 19 people. Unanimously across my team they agreed it was one of the best days they had experienced - fun, incredibly well organised, interesting and a great way to learn about London. Thank you! Thoroughly recommended as a team building event.

Andy B., Reading, May 11th 2017.


"The Jack The Ripper Tour"

My daughter and I joined the Jack the Ripper walking tour on 17th March, thoroughly enjoyed it, the guide Paul was very informative and entertaining, the tour started at 7pm and lasted about 2 hours, you will need comfy shoes and warm clothes, great atmosphere and learnt lots.

Would definately recommend this. Joanna Thomas, London, March 26th 2017.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt:  This is fun, fun, fun"

London underground treasure hunt , was absolutely great , we ran around for 2 hrs solving clues , taking pictures & trying to get bonus points . Four competitive 50 year old , doing not so good but loving it. I would & will do this again.  Texida, March 7th 2017.


"London Underground Treasure Hunt"

This was a great way to spend a couple of hours - we went all around Zone 1 hopping on and off tubes looking for the answers to clues we were given. There were time limits and secret agents lurking around trying to catch us out. Learnt some interesting facts about London underground too!  Siobhan Lavin, London, December 2nd 2016.


"Fantastic London Underground Treasure Hunt"

Last Friday we took part in a London Underground Treasure Hunt starting and finishing at Green Park. Scott and Cliff did a fantastic job at helping make our work event so successful. Great fun tearing around London trying to solve the various clues. Challenging yet fun - I would definitely use them again! Highly recommend!  Samantha N, London , September 12th 2016.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt:  Great Family Fun"

We took part in this underground treasure hunt tonight. There were seven of us, a mix of adults and children age range 11-49 years. We had a great time solving the clues and racing around the tube stations. We received a few strangle looks from other people but we didn't mind. The race to finish at 8.30 exactly nearly killed us off, you need to be able to get around the escalators and staircases easily. Clues were challenging and fun.  The Jones Family, Northampton, August 18th 2016.


"The Blood & Tears Walk:  London's Horror Tour"

Thoughoully enjoyable walk with interesting facts about London's darker history. Tour guide Declan is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and at times very entertaining. Recommended but have to say Declan gets a bit of a wiggle on, on this 2 hour walk.  WestyLJ, Colchester, August 6th 2016.


"The London Underground Treasure Hunt:  Best Night Out"

Had tickets for 4 people on the 'London tube treasure hunt'. The clues were hard but not impossible! 2 hours is enough time to complete it, a very simple set up- just rock up with your team get the clues and go! You even get prizes just for taking part, we got a few more for coming 3rd.

Would definitely recommend!MarieKaty, Nottingham, July 31st 2016.


"Jack The Ripper Tour:  Great!!"

The Jack the Ripper tour is highly enjoyable! It takes you to beautiful locations and very much brings the city alive. Jenny, our guide was amazing and has an extensive knowledge about the subject. Scott in the office was kind enough to reschedule my visit about three times, and dealt with my never-ending requests professionally and patiently. Thanks! Definitely recommend!!!  Agnes T, July 29th 2016.


Kings, Queens, Politics & Power tour : excellent

"I thoroughly recommend this. My (adult) son and I did the Sunday afternoon tour this week. We learned so much, and the tour covered a huge amount of UK and world politics and history, as well as a lot of amusing and more down-to-earth facts, stories and anecdotes. We had great value for money, clear and audible (miked) commentary for the entire three hours and were both engaged and entertained throughout that time!"  Jonathan, London, July 18th 2016


Fun filled London evening. Something with a difference.

"Fantastic evening. Filled with fun. Great clues and challenges. Found out some really intersting facts as well, despite having grown up in London, i had no idea.
Would definitely recommend it. We enjoyed it so much we plan to return to do one of the other tours with different clues. Also waiting for somebody in our friendship group to get engaged so that we can do the Hen party themed version :)"  Suzie, London, June 29th 2016.


We loved the Treasure Hunt!

"We took part last week in the Tube Treasure Hunt. We had a blast! The variety of challenges is good, some are puzzles, others require you to find certain things or talk to people, so there's something for everyone! We came third and loved the London themed prizes we received, but no one left empty handed which was a nice touch. A really fun way to spend a couple of hours, I'd recommend this for tourists and Londoners alike."  H.A., Melbourne, Australia, 28th June 2016


London Underground Treasure Hunt

"A fantastic way to spend a few evening hours in London. After arriving at Green Park Station and being given our initiation pack of clues we set off for two hours working our way around various locations following the clues and solving the puzzles. A well worked out experience, that not only tests the grey matter it is also a really fun time.

Watch out for the crafty Agents who will try and scupper your chances, luckily for us we didn't encounter any but were well prepared if we did.
Using the tube system in zone one and weather permitting local areas above ground this is the perfect experience if you're looking for something a little bit different or a team building activity!

A fantastic few hours, if a little tiring mainly due to my teams will to win and the weather being glorious on the day. There were 25 teams competing on our day and all came away with at least a small prize for competing with the top four teams winning the 'big' prizes. Even if you are in a team of one or two you have a chance of competing against the larger sides as you are given a handicap at the beginning depending on team size to help your points total at the end! We had 8 challenges, and without giving too much away, ranged from locations to other photo challenges that are to be undertaken whilst on the trains!"   Steve, Hatfield, 5th May 2016.


"Tube treasure hunt tour

"We did the London Tube Treasure hunt in a team of 2 and absolutely loved it. Amazing treasure hunt for both Londoners and tourists/visitors alike. Everything was set up so well, there was a decent number of other competitors, the clues had a great range of difficulty and it included a good variety of challenges.


Was such a fun night, including the prize/award ceremony at the end, and since they have a whole bunch of different sets of clues and treasure hunts I'd like to 100% do it again or recommend to anyone as a must do whilst in London! Thanks for a fantastic night!"  Altomondo, 23rd April 2016


Jack the Ripper Tour

"I love a walking tour as I find they take me to places I wouldn't normally frequent and this Jack the Ripper tour did just that.
The booking process was so simple and, although we booked at the very last minute, communication was A1 and everything confirmed very quickly. The price was amazing considering this was to be nearly a three hour tour!
Although there was some disruption on the underground the weekend we did this tour, the tour guide made sure she waited an extra few minutes before starting the walk, to wait for a few late comers. She even made a couple of phone calls to locate people, which impressed me greatly.
We enjoyed the tour very much and it certainly took us off the usual beaten path of London that we visit. The time flew by, the commentary was interesting, the pictures were as gruesome (as promised!) and on the whole, it was a very enjoyable few hours. The walk itself wasn't challenging and would easily be accessible to all. A great way to see parts of London and to pass a few hours!"   Caro, London, 9th April 2016.


Great night out!

"We won!!! A brilliant treasure hunt across London - really well organised and great prizes too. I would highly recommend this treasure hunt."

Matt, London, 10th March 2016.


Excellent London Underground Treasure Hunt

"We booked last minute over the phone which was very easy. The tour was exciting, educational, fun and we saw parts of London we haven't seen before. It was very well organised from beginning to end, I really admire the team because there were a lot of people. They kept the atmosphere upbeat but laid back. The hunt was informative, it flowed well from station to station and it made you think. We made friends with other groups on the tour, meeting people from all over the country and Europe. At the end of the tour everyone wins a prize, this was really thoughtful, the top 4 groups win a bag of prizes.
We had such a fantastic night and laughed so much. The best part is the tour changes weekly, we are planning on going again with more friends. We will be recommending to everyone.  Thank you so much to the organisers!"  Lauren, London, 21st February 2016


Rewarding Treasure Hunting on the Tube

"Cliff provided clear instructions both verbally and written with added humour.
We had a great time deciphering the cryptic clues and working out best routes between the stations.
Even though were caught out by Agent Alex and penalised, that was all part of the fun.
There is a good deal of walking, but we explored parts of the tube we didn't know about.
The prize-giving was entertaining and light-hearted and even though there were 21 teams, the scoring system organised by Cliff was efficient and everybody seemed to have enjoyed the challenge  Highly recommended to couples, office colleagues, friends and anyone wanting to combine mental and physical challenges with a giggle (good prizes too)."  Carol, Chesham, 5th February 2016.


Something to do on your tod!

"I went on the Sweeney Todd walk with guiide with Jenny Phillips and it was really good fun. The tour was full of intriguing facts, history and general content. Jenny clearly really loves the subject matter and draws your in with her storytelling.  It's always good to find out something new about the city I love. It will be a good two hours well spent whether your a local or not. Enjoy!"  Hazel, 15th January 2016


Underground treasure hunt was fantastic!

"I had a fantastic time, as did the rest of the team. It was well organised despite there being 17 teams and one returning 10 minutes late.

The clues were really good and trying to get pictures of strangers was a riot! We were approached by Agent Alex, but we weren't fooled! The prizes were good as well. This was very good value for money and I highly recommend this to everyone I will be back for another hunt."   Kayleigh, Dunstable, 15th January 2016.


A welcome additional jewel amongst the treasures in London

"We had a most wonderful time on our Treasure Hunt.

Cliff the master of events was very amiable and well organised. He managed to keep the enthusiasm going and was able to keep the 50 or so people interested and entertained. This is a very hard task to do whilst London continues to go about its business especially on a spring evening.
The Secret Agents were very good and did their respective jobs well. Unfortunately too well that we were penalised for not answering the allotted statement that we were instructed to give. This made the hunt ever so more challenging and it shows that us Londoners are not an unfriendly lot either! Even if it meant a penalty! So watch out!

The clues were challenging and very interesting which made the event even more enjoyable. The 2 and half hours flew by and it did not drag at all. I learnt so much about the city which made the hunt even more interesting. Also I learnt of a few choice places to take mini lunch breaks as there are hidden parks and green spaces amongst the buildings that I was totally unaware of.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening (coming in second was an added bonus) and hope to return. We were told that there are variations to the treasure hunt and no two are the same. In the height of summer as the days are longer the hunt is on for longer.

A brilliant way to spend an evening. It is well worth the cost and hats off to the staff for organising a wonderful event."  Omid, London, 16th October 2015.


Brilliant London Underground Treasure Hunt! - "We bought a voucher to take part in the London Premier Walking Tours London Underground Treasure Hunt through TimeOut as a fun activity for an evening. I had completely underestimated how much fun we would have - the 2 1/2 hour event was brilliantly organised, well thought out and an interesting way to learn more about our city. I have already highly recommended it to all my friends and family!"  JA, London, 5th October 2015.


Best walking tour I've ever done in London! - "Yesterday, a friend took my on the Kings, Queens, politics and power walking tour in central London. I have never written a review on trip advisor before but feel absolutely compelled to given the tour was utterly brilliant. Our tour guide, Cliff, was not only like a walking historical encyclopedia but was hilariously entertaining, warm and funny. He even had his own sound effects to add an extra bit of dazzle! I have a degree in history, love London, love the royals so this trip was really always going to be perfectly 'my bag'...but it completely surpassed expectations. I would give it 10/10 in a heart beat. It was informative but also fun."  Vanessa J, London, 27th September 2015.


Fun Day out with Friends - "I found this rather challenging, although I am ashamed to admit it. :-) I was hoping to win, but I did not, although all taking part do receive numerous fabulous London goodies. It's well organised, friendly, fun and really something good to do in London. Different and exciting, good value and I would highly recommend."  Chrissy, London, 1st September 2015.


Really interesting! - "I am a Londoner born and bred. However I now live in Cardiff. Decided to do this as we had a Saturday free when we were due to be In London for the weekend.  The company kept in touch via email and to also tell us our start time had changed from 1pm to 4pm 3 weeks in advance.
Cliff was our tour guide. A naturally personable and funny guy.  Just short of 3 hours on The Kings,Queens and Politics Tour in and around St.James, Birdcage Walk and Parliament Square. LOADS of interesting facts and history to try to remember.  Highly recommended. We will book another tour with them soon. Jack the Ripper?"  Mark, Cardiff, 1st September 2015.


Great tour guide: ask for Cliff - "Cliff was our tour guide during the Jack The Ripper tour some months back. He was really excellent. With dry wit, somehow he kept us entertained for 3 hours. I believe he no longer does the Jack the Ripper tours but he now does the Kings & Queens tour. Enjoy!"  Nams84, Oxford, 1st September 2015.  Extra note from us at London Premier Walking Tours:  Cliff does indeed now concentrate on The Kings Queens, Politics & Power Tour. (he can be booked for private Jack The Ripper Tours).  Our regular Ripper tour guide is now Jenny, who is one of the world's leading Ripperologists, has been featured on TV documentaries abiut the Ripper, and gives a brillaint and spine chilling Ripper Tour.


Is there a higher rating than excellent for the London Underground Treasure Hunt?"

"With only 2 weeks’ notice to plan my event, I stumbled upon the London Underground Treasure Hunt idea by chance and boy, am I glad I did! The ever knowledgeable Scott was able to expertly provide information on how the event works, general logistics and costings for up to 100 people for a bespoke corporate event.


Ten teams of approximately 5 – 6 colleagues competed in a race against time. Well, 2 hours to be precise. We were met at the starting block at Green Park by the Master of the Hunt (aka the brilliant Cliff) who provided us with instructions and our information pack.

After gathering in our teams and making our introductions, we headed off with our first clue, roaming and exploring Zone 1 and being careful not to be outwitted by the devious Agent Orange, who was trying to lead us astray and deduct points from our teams.

The highlights for me? Getting to know my work colleagues in a fun environment, trying to work out the cryptic clues, exploring the London Underground, and racing against time. Oh and everyone was a winner as Cliff had prizes for everyone – yay!

The downside? The underground system can get mighty hot down there. We were lucky that the weather was moderate otherwise it would have been much much worse in bowels of London. I would suggest taking a small bottle of water, just in case.

The overall verdict? – 10 out of 10 and well worthwhile. All the participants were singing the event's praises. I’m definitely signing up for another event!"  No1 Snoopy Fan UK, London, 31st July 2015.


Very well organised and good fun! - "An excellent evening on the London Underground Treasure Hunt. Our father and daughter team had a lot of fun and really got into it (and I'm not biased by our 4th place!). Definitely appealed to my crossword mind but nevertheless was simple to participate. The hard-working Master of the Hunt was a gas, and obviously a lot of time and effort went into the whole evening. When we do it again (and we will) we'll probably wear more comfortable shoes. Can definitely recommend this."  Michael M, London, 26th July 2015.


"Really Good Fun" - "A very well organised treasure hunt. Just the right amount of time was allocated, and there wasn't time to be bored! I'd highly recommend this as an alternate way to spend an evening, and we were fine doing it just as a couple. The clues can be quite tricky at times so try and think creatively!"  Cocodue, Milton Keynes, 18th June 2015.


"London Underground Treasure HUnt" -

"Had such a good laugh at this last night.  Myself and two mates were running around the London Underground solving the cryptic clues, learning stuff about London I didn't know and keeping an eye out for Secret Agents. It covers quite a wide area on the underground and is just over two hours long so you need good footwear. We missed a few clues but did quite well. Our size of party worked with one reading the tube map, one taking photos and all of us trying to solve the clues.  The Master of the Hunt is an act Britain’s Got Talent has yet to find, he’s hilarious and keen to give even those in the bottom 10 some prizes."  Will definitely be trying some of the themed hunts later in the year.  Liz B, London, 12th June 2015.


"London Underground Treasure Hunt" - "Booked this treasure hunt as an alternative to usual night out with the friends. Very entertaining and so much fun- you'd have to be fast, be able to talk to strangers, be alert to spot Agent Orange and work as a team. We had a few arguments over the destinations but also good laughs and generally everybody was very pleased with the event. Highly recommended!"  Vero, 8th June 2015.


An amazing London Underground Treasure Hunt! - "I have recently participated in this amazing treasure hunt over 2 hours on a Thursday evening. We had such a lot of fun solving the cryptic clues, completing the tasks and arriving back in time so as not to be awarded minus points for being late!! It's a great way to find out more about The history of London and London's hidden secrets. It was challenging but made more fun by the secret Agent Orange's lurking on route trying to catch you out! A great experience was made even better by the prizes awarded to all teams upon completion! I would definitely recommend this experience, The Master of the Hunt was extremely knowledgeable and made it enjoyable with his great sense of humour. I am looking forward to booking another one as I was informed the clues change regularlyI"  Anna W, London, 7th June 2015.


London Underground Treasure Hunt: "The Treasure Hunt is really good fun. You start at Green Park and have to solve cryptic clues using your tube map to see which stations you need to visit, and what you need to do when you get there. You must return to Green Park before time runs out, to see whether you solved the clues correctly and whether you get a prize. It's a fun way to get to know central London, and there are extra challenges for bonus points to keep you entertained en route. Unfortunately I became unwell and had to go home mid-hunt. We let the "Master of the Hunt" know and I received an email from London Premier Walking Tours very kindly offering me and my boyfriend a chance to reschedule for free! Looking forward to trying again!"  Georgia W, 24th February 2015.

Jack The Ripper Tour - Who Loves History? "The Jack the Ripper Tour was simply amazing. 2 1/2 hours of stories about East London. History's fans won't be disappointed!"  Heloise, 23rd Februaty 2015.

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour - Brilliant: "Our guide Cliff was full of information , anecdotes and made us all laugh cracking jokes here & there! He had a lovely friendly manner too! The tour was really interesting and we learnt a lot .....the "photo guide prompter" was very useful ! Despite the weather being bitterly cold Cliff did his best to keep us moving so we didn't get too cold...we may rebook this tour during the summer months as it would be more we can refresh our memories of some of the fascinating facts too!! Highly recommended!"  Maria, London, 8th February 2015.

Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Tour: "This tour is a must if you want to explore Temple and the dark alleyways around Fleet Street. Jenny, the guide, takes you back to a violent and squalid time in London's history and examines the story of this notorious killer. If you want to explore this tale forget films and musicals go and visit where it all happened."  Gary P, February 2nd 2015.

London Underground Treasure Hunt - Join The Rat Race!: "Went along to their Treasure Hunt event last night and really enjoyed it. I thoroughly recommended it to anyone that loves treasure hunts, taking photos, the underground and speaking to random people. There were also prizes for all and for the top 5 teams you got even bigger and better prizes so well worth the money. I came 8th out of 24 and we came away with 3 magnets, 2 pens, a big ben key ring and a nail file and all the merchandise had either I love London on it or the tube map and I love it all."  Four Lemons, 23rd January 2015.

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour: "We really enjoyed this entertaining and informative tour lead by Cliff. Terrific value for money and highly recommended!" Godalming11, Surrey, 13th January 2015.

London Underground Treasure Hunt - A fabulous way to spend a Thursday night! " Two friends and I participated in the London Underground Treasure Hunt last week. What a fantastic time we had- everything was superbly organised and we threw ourselves wholeheartedly into solving all the challenges and clues having plenty of laughs along the way! Normally commuters on the underground keep themselves to themselves but the engagement, participation and help from the other people in our compartment was brilliant- total strangers who were keen and eager to help us solve the clues- was a great revelation and made the two hours fly by. We were thrilled to come 4th and the amount of prizes we received was incredible- great value for money and all London themed.  We have been talking about our evening non stop to the rest of our work mates and can't wait to do another tour with this Company in the new year. Big thanks and Happy Christmas- see you in 2015!"  Claire, Watford, 18th December 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: "Great way to spend a couple of hours learning about Jack the Ripper and tidbits about the City and the East end of London. Lived here 15 years, but learnt new stuff !"  C Khanna, London, 14th December 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "A friend bought this for us as a gift and it was one of the best presents ever! The Hunt Master, Cliff, was really welcoming and encouraging. Initially the clues seemed really challenging but it suddenly all made sense and it was such fun going from station to station, working out clues and looking for photo opportunities whilst all the time wondering when Agent Orange was going to try and pop out and decoy us! To find out that we were the winners out of 22 teams was absolutely brilliant and we loved the huge bag of goodies that we went home with! Absolutely excellent night and we would thoroughly recommend it. Thanks!"  SJB, London, 13th December 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour - Hugley Entertaining, Yet Thought Provoking: "We toured with Cliff who was amazing. He gave a spirited account of the Whitechapel Muders coupled with a chilling description of the conditions in which these tragic figures were expected to live. It was hugely enjoyable, but left me feeling guilty for enjoying it and then going home to a comfy bed!"  Jill, Watford, 12th December 2014.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour: "I would just like to say that I really enjoyed the Jack The Ripper Walking Tour on Wednesday night! Cliff the tour guide was fantastic! Great humour & his knowledge was second to none, I didn't expect to learn so much not only about Jack The Ripper but also London as well. Couldn't have asked for a better tour guide! The 2 & 1/2 hours flew by.  Great value for money and I've already started recommending it to friends."  Nik, 12th December 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "A great evening was had by all last night – great questions, pitched just right, even some interesting naughty ones!! Loved it! Although it did have us being slightly off to a lovely lady with a walking stick offering help who we suspected was Agent Orange!! Tee hee."  Beverley, 28th Novenber 2014.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour:  "Two of us took this tour on Sunday 16/11/14 at 1.30pm. The weather forecast advised it would be a dry day but of course it rained!!! Cliff who took the tour was absolutely marvelous, full of energy and very knowledgeable. Even though it was cold and damp, we thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would higly recommend it."  Mags, 21st November 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour, A Sunday afternoon with a difference: "I did the 'Jack the Ripper' tour on a Sunday afternoon in October. It is real fun and you learn a lot about the East End of London at the same time.  You get a free London gift at the start which is fun. For a tennner, 2-3 hours of entertainment isn't bad!  Our tour guide was interesting and clearly knew his stuff. Some of the jokes seemed like they're whipped out every time but this was charming in its own way!  I'm keen to try some of the other tours and their London Underground Treasure Hunt in future!"  Lauren H, London, October 13th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: "Was bought this tour as a gift, and went with my Wife. The group was made up of around 20 people, of all nations.
Cliff was a superb guide, took us all around the Ripper sites, with informative, enlightening and engaging stories. Really enjoyed the pace and delivery of his commentary, found it very easy to digest the information, remembering most of what he said the following day. Was quite a long tour, but was very much worth it.  We even had quite a few interesting bonus items pointed out along the way. First walking tour I've been on, and I very highly recommended, well done Cliff, and Thank you to London Premier Walking Tours."  Max, London, October 9th 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: We did the London Underground Treasure Hunt. "We were not sure what to expect as this was a first for us both.. I saw this in an off chance and thought it might be something different for myself and husband to do. So glad I decided to get it. Our Master of The Hunt was good.. as well as humorous. We were a bit shy at first but once we got our thinking caps on we were off! The clues got us thinking and working well as a team. Would recommend and definitely do it again."  Simone B, London, October 1st 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "Bought for my housemate's birthday present, we throughally enjoyed the experience and we very please to come 3rd!

It is such great value for money, and just so much fun from start to finish I think especially so for locals like us who love learning more about London.

We couldn't believe the amount of prizes at the end and the enthusiasm of our hunt master throughout. I would definitely recomend and am intending to go again!"  Deborah Jane, London, September 8th 2014.

London Undergound Treasure Hunt, a birthday present with a difference: "A well organised treasure hunt with some great prizes to be won at the end! Thoroughly recommended if you're looking for a birthday gift or corporate event with a difference!" Rachel, London, September 7th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: "Our guide's knowledge and enthusiasm was really engaging and though it was a lot of work for him, he didn’t tire and went the extra mile, even showing us places to eat at the end. He had the right mix of knowledge, fun and gentle authority and we would recommend anyone to do the Tour with him as it was a great value for money and an informative night out for anyone interested in the history of Jack the Ripper and the east end of London." Anne H, London, Septemper 6th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: Fantastic tour: "The tour guide was excellent and the whole tour was 5 star rated. Cant wait for another interesting tour with the same tour guide." Carnations, London, August 26th 2014.

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour: "This was definitely a wonderfully informative, fun and stimulating London walk. We not only covered the distance from New Scotland Yard to Downing St we also travelled through centuries and continents. I have no idea how our guide knew so much, sharing so much information without hesitation. The success of these events usually depends on the expertise and personality of the guide and he had both in abundance. Do take this walk if you get a chance. I should add our group consisted of families, couples, tourists, friends and would appeal to everyone."  Catherine F, Ireland, August 25th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: "I booked the tour for last weekend and unfortunately we didn't arrive on time so missed it, but all was not lost as the lovely Scott rescheduled us at no extra cost. I'm so glad we finally made it as our Ripper guide was a bundle of knowledge. The facts, the pictures shown, and the buildings visited were so interesting that we came away with so much more than any history book could inform us. What a great couple of hours - I would certainly recommend it."  Jude, London, August 24th 2014.

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour,: "This is a great way to spend 2 1/2 hours in central London. The tour takes in some beautiful and interesting parts of London - Westminster and St James. The tour guide was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Lots of interesting facts to learn, even for a die-hard Londoner like me. Would highly recommend this particular tour."  Sue H, London, August 24th 2014.

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour: "We had a wonderful afternoon on this tour, despite all the crowds . Our guide was so knowledgable and entertaining - he certainly knew his facts and it was nice to have the 'picture books' to follow too. Although we know London well, we learnt a lot more on this tour."  Anne, London, August 19th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour, Impressive Knowledge: "We had been on a Jack The Ripper tour previously but it was nowhere near as informative as this tour. Our guide made the tour both interesting and informative and held our interest throughout the entire time.  We were very impressed by his depth of knowledge.
He was also helpfull and considerate to individual needs during the tour.  I would most certainly recommend the company and this tour to others and not hesitate to book another ourselves when we are next in London."  Maz, Southampton, July 20th 2014.

A Great History of The Ripper, brilliantly told: "I went on the Jack the Ripper walk last Saturday evening. I had such a great time the guide was absolutely superb, full of energy and loads of information , he worked tirelessly just for £10 for each person! I actually found the walk very touchy and it opened my consciousness to the poverty and plight of the poor and destitute living in Victorian London.  In terms of Jack the Ripper, I think it is important to remember that this person was a serial killer and that has got lost a bit within the legendary story. The guide helped me to remember that these women were horrifically savaged by this savage killer.  What was also enjoyable was the guide's knowledge of the East End and so he was able to tell other history about the area outside of the serial killings.  It is amazing how we walk the London streets forgetting the history that has been there before us. All in all it was a fantastic evening and a great walk - one that will stay with me for many, many years to come.  Bravo!"  James H, July 18th 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "A group of us did the Thursday evening London Underground Treasure HUnt and had a blast. Knowing you were competing against others made it more exciting and the adrenaline of making sure that you dodged 'Agent Orange'. We will certainly try another one soon, now that we know what to expect. Great for a birthday adventure before heading out for drinks or dinner. Good way to get the night started."  Matu, London, June 28th 2014,

Great Experience: "My husband and I did the KIngs Queens and Politics tour on 28th May 2014. We were both very impressed with the tour guide who had an amazing amount of knowledge which made the tour very interesting and he made everyone feel welcome by including them and he was also amusing and entertaining!"  Carol L, London, June 1st 2014.

Lots of fun: "We did the London Underground Treasure hunt a couple of days ago. Very different way to spend some time in London. Fun challenges that pushed you outside your comfort zone at times, but we got to meet lots of people who all got into the spirit of it! Lots of prizes! Would definitely recommend it."  Jane, Beaconsfield, May 31st 2014.

Good evening outI: "We did the Jack the Ripper Murder Hunt and it was really good! Really well organised, clues that were tough, but not too difficult and had the right mixture of fun, history, time & distance. Making it a competition was also awesome!"   cmelson, London, May 28th 2014.

Amazing Treasure Hunt "My daughter and I did the London Underground Treasure Hunt last night and had a fantastic time. Great fun, well organised, with a knowledgeable 'Master of the Hunt', clever, cryptic clues, generous, quality prizes and a great atmosphere. I would highly recommend this company and their tours and treasure hunts."  Totiwren, London, May 2nd 2014.

Brilliant!: "My husband and I went on the Jack the Ripper tour yesterday. Wasn't sure what to expect as first time experiencing a walking tour. The tour was excellent, very interesting and well delivered by the tour guide who was very entertaining! Would definitely recommend."  The Londoner, London, April 7th 2014.

Amazing Treasure Hunt !!! AAA+++: "Did the Treasure Hunt on the underground on Friday night. Was an amazing 2 hours! Filled with absolute giggles! The clues were great and the challenges even better! Thanks to all who helped us! The Hula Girls was our team name! You see things in London you never knew were even there! Everyone should do this!"  MissNic, London, April 6th 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "It was a great fun. 2 hours (2.5 with results) well spent. Got to learn a bit about London too:) Very well organised, both in the communications before the event and during it. You could tell a lot of thought had gone in to the preparation. Organisers on the night very personable. Would recommend it for adults & older teenagers. Will definitely do again some time and try one of the other London Premier Walking Tours too."  LuRich, London April 5th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour:  "What a great afternoon we had. Our guide's knowledge of Old London was brilliant... He is a cockney lad as am I, but he taught me lots of new stuff I was unaware of, and I've lived here all my life. And all the gory gruesome stuff we went through about the murders made you really get a feeling for the time and circumstances surrounding the killings. Can thoroughly recommend this tour... And a lovely Ruby (look it up -: cockney rhyming slang) in Brick Lane after!!"  Brady, Westerham, March 24th 2014.

A Treasure: "The London Treasure Hunt surpassed my expectations in every way. We had great fun solving the clues, chasing around Zone One against the clock, pursuading lots of strangers to participate too (and brightening up their day as it happens) and winning some pretty cool prizes. There genuinely isn't anything that would improve the tour and I highly recommend that you give it a go and really throw yourself into the challenge. We did this as a couple but it would suit groups too."  Nicky, London, March 21st 2014.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour: "The guide was friendly and very funny. His factual knowledge of the Jack the Ripper case alone was impressive, but his historical knowledge of London and humour made it an informative and fun filled few hours. He is a great story teller but balances that with ensuring the safety of the group which included my mum who is a wheelchair user. When the tour finished he helped us to find a disabled toilet in Spitalfields and took us and some other member of the group to Brick Lane to make sure that we got a really good deal on a curry! I have been on two Jack the Ripper Tours previously and this was without a doubt the best one!"   Mooncalf, London, March 18th 2014.

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "A brilliant way to spend the evening. something to do as a couple or part of a group. well run and really entertaining".  Jules, Essex, February 17th 2014

Jack The Ripper Tour:  "Well worth it." "I could not get over how good the guide was, not just with facts relating to the Jack the Ripper case but also historical knowledge."  Danielle A, Hemel Hempstead, March 13th 2014.

Superb: Blood & Tears Walk: "A fascinating and utterly engaging two hours around the streets of the City, Declan kept us interested throughout. His knowledge is superb and story-telling perfect for the occasion. The tour moves quite quickly with snappy dialogue and swift moves from one spot to the next which helps to keep us all focused despite the cold. I had a party of twenty Explorer Scouts who thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Great value for money. Many thanks indeed!"  James A, London, February 16th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: “Super spannend, toller Guide!” "Der Guide war super und hat viele spannende Dinge, nicht nur über das Treiben des Rippers, anschaulich gemacht! Sehr interessant für alle die mehr über das Leben in London in dieser damaligen Zeit erfahren möchten."  Luisa, Germany, February 12th 2014.  (Translation: "Super exciting, great guide!" The guide was great and has a lot of exciting things, not just about making the Ripper visibleFor all who want to learn more about life in London in this era very interesting.)

Great value and really Informative Jack The Ripper Tour: "Was definitely worth braving the cold, our tour guide was brilliant, very passionate and really knew his stuff. Would definitely book again!"  Laura, UK, February 4th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour:  "A fun and really informative tour. Loads of information about the murders and general history of the local area too. Not too much walking, but wrap up warm if you are going in the winter! Our guide was really friendly and looked after us as a group really well, making sure everyone was still with the group and safe all the time. He even went above and beyond by walking us down to Brick Lane after the tour had finished. Go on, give it a go, it's a great way to spend an evening."  Chuckie, Kent, UK, February 3rd 2014.

Jack The Ripper Walk:  "We met our guide at Aldgate Station yesterday afternoon. We really enjoyed the afternoon, kept well informed. Told us lots of local history which helped understand the area and type of life that was lead at this time. Good value would recommend."  Fran, Hullbridge, UK., February 3rd 2014.

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour:  "We went to the Kings and Queens walking tour today and our guide was excellent. He made the walk interesting, funny and varied. I would highly recommend him through London Premier Walking Tours." Chris, Christchurch, UK, January 25th 2014.

Jack The Ripper Tour: "I went on one of your tours, Jack The Ripper Tour on 17th January 2014 and I would just like to say how impressed I was with the tour guide who was very knowledgeable and made the tour enjoyable so much so that I would definetly go on another tour with your company and I have also recommended this tour to my friends.  Thank you so much."  Jackie, London, January 19th 2014

(Email to our Ripper Tour guide) "OMG you are a wealth of knowledge. Outstanding effort and more than I could take in! You made it more that just a Jack The Ripper tour you make it an all in one history tour of the area and I loved every second. Will be coming along again in the summer keep it up. 5 stars all the way!  Adam, London, January 9th 2014

Jack The Ripper Tour: "Went last evening to the Jack The Ripper Tour. Met our tour guide outside Aldgate tube Station at 6.30pm. For the next 2 1/2 hours he kept us thoroughly informed on Jack and other pieces of history from the East End - he was very informative and threw in some humour as well. Despite the evening being cold, it was a superb tour and one to be recommended. This was our first tour and now looking to book a second. Well done London Premier Walking Tours and well done to our tour guide, a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thank you."  Hewy, Hemel Hempstead, December 1st 2013.

Jack The Ripper Tour: "The guide for The Jack the Ripper tour was excellent ! He had a very nice manner and was extremely knowledgeable and very informative.We came away with so much more than we bargained for. We would certainly recommend this walk to people who want to learn a lot more about The East End as well as about The Ripper. Good value for money!"  Geraldine J, November 27th 2013

Jack The Ripper: "Great experience. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable not only on Jack the Ripper, but also London generally. A very informative and fun evening, so much so that a lady from another tour came and stood with our tour at one point as she found her tour guide boring!! We were supplied with photos of various victims, suspects and locations - which all added to the experience. At the end of the evening we wanted to go to Brick Lane for a curry - when we asked for directions, our tour guide took the trouble to take us there, giving us detailed accounts of the streets we were walking down. Strongly recommend this tour."  Vicky, Iselworth, November 15th 2013 

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "I recently did the London Underground treasure hunt, along with 11 of my colleagues. We paid for a private hunt as we wanted it as a team building event. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great evening. We were a mixture of men and women aged 21-50 and thought that this event appeals to all ages and genders. The hunt was well organised, we met 'The Master of the Hunt' at Leicester Square station where he explained the rules and gave us our treasure hunt packs. The clues and tasks are well thought out and lots of fun to do. Some of them certainly get your brain working and definitely brought out everyone's competitive side! At the end of the hunt there are prizes for the winning teams, which we all thought were really good quality. I would definitely recommend the London Underground Treasure Hunt, especially as a unique team building event with your colleagues. Thank you London Premier Walking Tours!"  Hannah, London, November 16th 2013

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "We recently did the London Treasure Hunt and really enjoyed it. It is great fun and makes you look at your fellow commuters in a different light! I would highly recommend it for a great night out with friends or colleagues!"  DMC73, London, November 8th 2013

"Wonderful tour with a wonderful guide": "We did this walking tour a few weeks ago with the guide Cliff. He had lots of interesting stories to tell! The tour was really fun and amusing. We really enjoyed it and we totally recommend it. Make sure you go with Cliff, best tour guide in town! :)"  Fernu, CABA, November 5th 2013

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour: "We went on the walking tour - a gift for my Mum's birthday. The tour was brilliant. Our tour guide was just excellent - a mind of knowledge, moved at everyone's pace, ensured everyone was ok and threw in some comedy too. Will definitely do another tour with this provider."  Annie-Lou, Coggeshall, November 3rd 2013

London Underground Treasure Hunt, Halloween Special: "This treasure hunt was so much fun. We really enjoyed! It really makes you interact with London! We haven't done any of the other treasure hunts but the Halloween edition gets two thumbs up from us.!"  Lillems, High Wycombe, November 1st 2013

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "Not knowing what to expect on the hunt was the best thing about it, we all thoroughly very much enjoyed ourselves. We all had so much fun and was definitely a great laugh. We would all like to thank The Master of The Hunt for such a lovely time. I would definitely recommend this for a work social or even a night out with your friends. If you haven't been on a treasure hunt, this is the one!!!"  Ashley, Price Waterhouse Coopers, October 25th 2013

Jack The Ripper Tour: "The walk was very atmospheric and our guide, Cliff, was fantastic. It was a creepy but fascinating night that I highly recommend. It made me see parts of London in a new way and it's really interesting to find out the history and stories hidden in the nooks and crannies of London. The company was very flexible about my booking when my friend couldn't make it. Excellent, personal service."  Puritto, London, UK, September 18th 2013

London Underground Treasure Hunt: "Such a fun event and a great idea, we really enjoyed following the clues around the underground and returning back to base in time, where we were given the team results & prizes. London Premier Walking Tours were very accommodating and organised with the booking process for all 19 of our group - which I really appreciate. Looking forward to the Xmas-themed treasure hunt!"  Laura M, London, England, September 17th 2013

Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour: "We couldn't have picked a worse day for the walk. The weather was absolutely terrible heavy rain. Luckily we had all been advised by the company to bring umbrella's and appropriate clothing in case of rain. Cliff started off with asking us all to chose from a range of souvenirs and I thought 'oh here we go he's trying to sell us something' but he wasn't as there was no charge. Then we set off outside St James's Park Underground Station. Despite the awful weather the walk was so enjoyable. Cliff was absolutely excellent and he maintained his running commentary without hesitation for the full 2 1/2 hours and made it so interesting and amusing the time flew by, he even knew the names of various species of bird life in St. James' Park! He wouldn't give up even though the rain was soaking us, he found places to shelter and kept us interested all the time. Nobody dropped out. The 4 of us are Londoners and we learnt so many new and interesting facts and anecdotes from Cliff that we chatted about over dinner later. Now we all want to go on Cliff's other walk 'Jack the Ripper' in the East End. Thanks Cliff for a really enjoyable and memorable day."  Eaglybeagly, London, England, August 26th 2013

Jack The Ripper Tour: "Cliff, you're a legend. The guided tour you provided last night was exceptional and my wife and I absolutely loved it. We loved the blend of factual nuggets and interesting insights. The two and a half hours simply flew by as we were transported back to another era. Keep up the fantastic work."  Val, St Albans, England, August 17th 2013.

“Cliff was fantastic! An entertaining history lesson.”: "My husband booked this your for my birthday and as I had heard mixed reviews about Ripper tours, I wasn't sure what to expect. Luckily he had selected an excellent one and I learned so much about the city I walk through everyday. Cliff, our tour guide, was a natural and got us gripped. I would definitely recommend this tour and I loved the extra touches (maps & photo-cards to look at as we were walking, a London souvenir and the special effects gadget that was used). Thanks Cliff!"  Dan C, London, August 17th 2013.

Jack The Ripper Tour - Highly recommend: Great tour. "Cliff, our tour guide was fab and knew his stuff, cramming loads of facts and information in to the two and a half hour tour. Not only did we learn about The Ripper but loads of other interesting facts and history about the area. Well worth it. Would definitely recommend." K Hart, Gillingham, 8th July 2013

Great Knowledge, and friendly guide: "Cliff took us on a 2.5 hour Jack the Ripper Tour. The amount of information he packed in during this time was incredible, he barely took a breath! Not only did we learn about The Ripper but loads of other interesting facts and history about the area we walked through - and he gave us tips for Brick Lane curries at the end. Our group had 10 people, but we did see other enormous tour groups. Great value!" SM, July 4th 2013.

 "Jack The Ripper Walk" "My husband and I did the Jack the Ripper walking tour on a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. The guide was so knowledgeable about the area of the Ripper's stalking ground. A fantastic tour which brought to life the living conditions, professions and huge poverty in such a small area. We have learnt so much and your guide was fantastic. Many thanks, we are now looking at other tours and will certainly use your company again. Who was Jack the Ripper, go on this tour and try to work it out. We imagine the evening tour would be very spooky and add to the atmosphere but with such a great knowledgeable guide we loved it. Thoroughly recommended".  Brenda, Aldershot, 28th May 2013

"Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour - Interesting, and very well done". "My husband and I had a private tour Kings and Queens yesterday,. The guide pulled all the stops out for us, with sound effects, quizy questions and photos of various points on the tour. We visited Queen Anne's Gate, watched the pelicans getting fed in St James' Park, listened to facts about the colonial past, Churchill's life and work, the cats at 10 Downing Street, the size of the Big Ben, etc. He was a true waterfall of facts, dates, anecdotes and jokes, we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Highly recommended!!!" Bookworm48, London. May 9th 2013.

"More Than Your Average Murder Tour". "Want to know all about the illusive Mr Ripper and also soak up a waterfall of wonderful London knowledge over a fascinating few hours?... then I highly recommend you jump with sturdy boots strapped onto this walking tour of Londons notorious Whitechapel area. Spread over 2 1/2 hours of gentle EastEnd ambling you will be entertained by 'Mr Endless pit of knowledge' himself, your tour guide 'Cliff'. A genuinely nice bloke with an excellent patter in dry wit, interesting and at times obscure facts and a superb 'ocean deep' knowledge of Jack the Ripper and grim East End history around the time of the murders. Doing the tour in the daytime greatly helps in getting a better impression of the surrounding locations and vistas in relation to the subject matter... but there were moments on the tour where the evening/dusk edition would definitely add that edge of spookiness and unease, which i'm sure would be expertly invoked by our tour guide. An excellent way to spend a few hours and topped off with the tour ending right outside the famous 'Ten Bells Pub' near the food capital of London 'Brick Lane'. Book it now, load up with knowledge and figure out who Jack 'really' was.... The answer is obviously...........Naaaa......... go find out for yourself".  Mato72, Leeds, England. May 9th 2013

 "Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour, a must do". "Our Tour Guide  was very knowledgeable. Even with the wind against us, the couple of hours flew by, packed with fascinating facts." ARH, London, May 5th 2013.

“Jack the Ripper" Walking Tour - Do it! "I have been wanting to do a Jack the Ripper tour for some time now, and am so happy I booked this tour. Our tour guide was knowledgeable, excited about what he does and passed that excitement and fun on to the group. One thing I found that sets this tour apart from the rest I have been on is the fact that we were given a laminated map and some queue cards with actual pictures of the area, the victims, the suspects etc... which made it much easier to picture life back in the 1880's. If you plan to do any Jack the Ripper walking tour, do this one!" Ian Mackers, London (originally from South Africa), May 1st 2013

“Perfect Tour!”: We booked this tour and it was organized very well from the beginning. The website is clear and you always get a quick answer to all your questions regarding the tour. It was very clear to us where and when we would meet - not like so many other tours where people need to search for the group and will miss parts of the tour. Our guide had an incredible knowledge, not only about Jack-the-Ripper.  He also gave us useful information throughout the entire tour. You just asked and he could answer all your questions. That is why we have decided to participate in all the other tours London Premier Walking Tours is offering. It is just a good value for money and all the staff are very nice and friendly. Highly recommended to everybody who wants to learn about London." Juliane W, London (originally from Germany), April 30th 2013

 "AMAZING tour; I moved to London recently and was looking for a means to know the city I'm living in. This walking tour has been the best choice I've made in a long time since, apart from the "Jack the Ripper" facts, you receive a lot of information about the city, the inhabitants, the way of living by the time of the murders... Apart from that, the guide elaborates an amazing experience. Funny when is the time to be funny, but serious if you are interested in expanding your knowledge about some event in particular.  It's clear that he knows what he is talking about, and can provide you with a high level of detail that, even a full-life Londoner cannot ignore. And don't forget to follow the guide's suggestions if you ask for places for lunch!! It will be a wise decision without a doubt. Definitely, 100% recommendable and worth much more than the money you pay." Antonio C, London (originally from Spain), April 28th 2013

 "I took the Jack The Ripper Tour. I've done a few walking tours and this one really hit it out of the park.":  "First of all the tour guide was very knowledgeable, incredibly entertaining and did a fantastic job keeping everyone engaged. He has also mastered the skill of talking while walking backwards which made it really easy to stay engaged. We received little booklets which contained references for just about everything that the tour contained including pictures of the victims which was quite helpful and a great complement to everything we learned. He did a great job of personalizing information by asking where everyone was from and providing extra tidbits that may have been particularly interesting to attendees. He also did a great job of painting a picture of what life was like back in the old days and making everything relevant to the Jack The Ripper murders. Overall the best walking tour I’ve been on, learned a ton, and am eager to go on another one." Inna, U.S.A., April 14th 2013

"Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour" - I am a Londoner and thought I knew the capital well until I went on this walk. The tour guide wasn't going through the motions like other walks I have been on, he obviously loved his subject he was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable; I learnt a lot. He offered opinions on certain subjects but made it clear that each person on the tour should make their own minds up which really did provoke thought. I would recommend this tour not only to visitors to London but anybody who has an interest in the history of this great city. Well done to the tour guide and I am looking forward to learning even more on future walks".  Gary P, London., April 11th 2013

"Fantastic tour. The guide kept us enthralled througout on what was a very cold day. I would recommend this tour to anyone. He was very knowlegable about both The Ripper and the history of the area. He was also good at remembering everyones names and was considerate of people's nationalities and religions. Well done." Lily, Bristol., April 5th 2013

"Ok, the idea of wandering around the East End of London for 2.5 hrs in what is the coldest Easter since records began may not sound like everyone's idea of fun. Add to this that I'd booked the tour as a surprise for part of our 10th Wedding Anniversary weekend & my wife was suffering from a very bad back, I was worried this may be our last year together!! My concerns were unnecessary. Not only was the tour informative, our guide was a very humorous guy & kept the whole group's attention. He even managed to find us a bit of relief from the wind & snow by means of popping into a local shop, allowing us all to thaw out for 10mins. We both really enjoyed the tour & would not hesitate to recommend it to others". Asp, London., April 1st 2013

"I must say that the tour guide was an excellent speaker. He was very comfortable talking to people with a familiarity that instantly put you at ease and was incredibly knowledgeable, not only about Jack the Ripper, but also about the history of the area and what life was like in the days of the events". Jose, Austin, Texas., April 1st 2013

"Firstly I would like to thank London Premier Walking Tours for being very helpful and understanding, excellent response time and communication in booking the tour. I was not able to make the booking time on Friday evening and London Premier were happy to re-book the tour to Sunday afternoon. The guide was very knowledge and funny too. Learned fascinating facts and history about London and Jack the Ripper murders. It was a very cold day but the guide kept us moving and kept the group involved in the tour. Very good experience, the kids enjoyed it too! As for me, I only wished it could have gone on for longer. I would thoroughly recommend the tour, beats walking around just site seeing, when you can enjoying a running commentary and learn history, fascinating facts of this amazing city. Hoping to book further tours in the near future. Many thanks London Premier!" Mahmood, Solihull., March 27th 2013

"I took part in this tour a couple of nights ago and must say it was very good.  I'm so glad we went. We had a reasonably sized group and our guide was so knowledgeable. Although the tour focuses on Jack the Ripper, we also learned many things about London which I knew nothing about despite living here for so many years. The tour is 2.5 hours which we thought would be long but you get so engrossed that you do not even see the time passing. The crime scene picture booklet you are given provides help placing what the guide says and makes it feel more realistic." Keyz, March 10th 2013

"We took the evening Jack the Ripper walk around the streets of Whitechapel and Aldgate. If you are the slightest bit interested in the history of the time, this tour is for you.  The tour guide was very good at creating the atmosphere of that era in London.  The back streets have a real ambience and are well worth a visit." Julian, Bristol., March 9th 2013

"Last night we took part in a Jack the Ripper tour and we were pleasantly surprised! Our guide knew his stuff and did not require any notes. His story telling skills were great and kept us engaged the entire time! Not only did he describe the gruesome details of the murder but took us back in time and desrcibed the historical context which allowed us to get the full picture. I would reccomend this tour!" Olivia, March 7th 2013

"I've not been on many things like this so was a bit dubious. Instead, I really enjoyed it. Learned lots about the Ripper killings (didn't realise how little I knew) as well as other local history. The group leader was charming, engaging and very knowledgeable. I would recommend." Alex, March 4th 2013

"My fiance and I attended the Jack The Ripper on Saturday night. Despite the chilly weather the tour was absolutely brilliant and made that much better by the very entertaining tour guide. It was a very interesting walk and took us around many of the places in London which we would never have normally walk around on a Saturday night. The guide was very clued up on The Ripper and many other London facts.  I would highly recommend this tour and the great tour guide." Tony Q, London, March 4th 2013

"Brilliant - fun, a little bit creepy, picked up loads of interesting facts and insights into London history as well as that of the Ripper, his victims and how the case was handled at the time. Brilliant guide too - very friendly and funny." LB, London., March 4th 2013

"My daughter and I braved the elements last night to tread the streets of East London! It was an incredibly interesting evening which covered the history of the area as well as the gruesome story of the Ripper. Our tour guide was very amusing and extremely knowledgeable which made the whole experience more enjoyable. I am certainly going to recommend this tour to my friends and colleagues and will be doing another tour very soon with London Premier Walking Tours!" Sylvia, Merton, March 3rd 2013

"Just returned from a fantastic walking tour of London around Westminster........our tour guide was a fantastic host giving very informative knowledge of the area along with jokes to make it a fun and interesting experience. This is great for all ages especially children as it is very educational as well.  He kept us very entertained. - well done sir!!!  Cant wait to do the Jack the Ripper tour now :) ILW, Ipswich, U.K. February 26th 2013

"Just finished a Jack the Ripper Tour with our tour guide. This guy is a genuine Ripper expert and talks five quarters to the hour not only exploring the murders, but also the social context in which they took place and how these evolved from the Roman age up. Add to this free souvenirs for all participants, sound effects and a picture book for background reference and you have a truly unique walking experience! Starts 7.15 pm from Tower Hill station, lasts for about 2.5 hours and is worth every penny". Fritz, Den Bosch, The Netherlands., February 12th 2013

"Communication from the company prior to the tour was excellent- information on tour length and what to wear was invaluable. Our guide was very friendly, genuine and knowledgeable; he really tried to engage with everyone. We had expected the tour to be only about Jack the Ripper, take us down dark alleys and be full of gimmicky scares. In fact it was a very in depth history lesson about the East End of London with some very interesting facts. We have lived in London for 25 years but learnt so much! It lasted for 2.5 hours and there were a couple of loo stops. It was one of the coldest nights of the year and it rained however our tour guide kept our interest. Would recommend." Owl, U.K., February 10th 2013

"This Jack The Ripper tour was absolutely brilliant! Our tour guide was funny, engaging and a font of knowledge not only about 'Jack' and his crimes but about London in general. We have lived near London all our lives and we learned more about our capital city in the 2 1/2 hours we spent on the tour than we ever did in school or since (and there have been plenty of years in between!). We can't wait to book the next tour! 10/10 from all of us and a huge thank you for making it such a fun evening." Kim, London., February 4th 2013

"I've lived in London my whole life and was fascinated by the history of the city. The tour was astonishing, hugely entertaining and a real bargain for what it was worth. Our tour guide was very, very funny, incredibly approachable and was welcoming." Shaun, London., February 3rd 2013

"I bought this tour as a surprise for my husband's birthday, which he was very excited about. Our two daughters joined us, who also had a fantastic time. The 2 1/2 hour tour exceeded by far all our expectations!!! It was very informative and our very knowledgeable tour guide added to the great atmosphere with his entertaining and engaging personality and great sense of humour. We had a great time and purchased tickets  for the Kings and Queens Tour straight after, being convinced that this will also be another brilliant family day out. I have already recommended this tour as a 'MUST DO' to various friends. Thank you very much." Baerbel, U.K., January 15th 2013

"Interesting, with an amazing tour guide." Our tour guide was brilliant - interesting and fun at the same time as well as a lovely lively guy. Made the whole thing which was already brilliant and full of interesting knowledge, even better. Thank you very much to the whole team at London Premier Walking Tours" A.J., December 14th 2012

"Went to see the Jack The Ripper tour on Friday 12th October 2012 with my wife as we have been keen to go for a few years (just never managed to do so). Was very happy with the service. Our guide had an incredible in-depth knowledge of the Whitechapel murders taking us around various streets where the murders took place. As an added extra, we also had additional commentary & sights thrown in for free (which was unexpected) which made the walk even more enjoyable! Good value for money. Much recommended." Pri P, London, October 15th 2012.

"The tour was the highlight of my trip to London! To start, the tour guide was amazing. He was so engaged with everyone in the group and it was clear he loves people and has tremenous pride in his work. His use of props, combined with an off-beat sense of humor, added even more enjoyment to the tour. He not only provided information about the various cases but also the rich context in which these grizzly murders occured, e.g. what London was like at the time, what it was like for women who had to turn to unsavoury means in order to survive and the demographics of East End London which was predominanly an immigrant population. For me, this backdrop really enhanced the information about the actual murders and gave a more comprehensive picture of the events that occurred. I also really appreciated the time he took to engage each member of the group, answer our questions and point out different points of interest along the way he thought members would be interested in hearing about. He's a true natural when it comes to dealing with people. I would definitely recommend this tour, and any others led by their tour guides, to others. Too bad I discovered this tour company on my last day in London, otherwise I would have signed up for more!!!" Bev, Toronto, Canada, November 17th 2012.

"Just to let you know, we came, we walked and we thoroughly enjoyed! We even bought another ticket to join another tour tomorrow.  It was excellent and we would recommend your tours to anyone interested in visiting and learning more about London. Thank you for a most enjoyable experience. Incidentally our tour guide, whose name we did not learn, was amazing... funny, informative and just slightly cheeky!! Thanks again! yours sincerely."
Grant and Sheila Corban & Family from Malaysia, August 20th 2012.

"Amazing tour and amazing value for money. My friend and I attended the Kings Queens Politics and Power tour in November 2012. We started off at Scotland Yard, then into all we went into St Annes gate where I was amazed by our tour guide's knowledge and information about the street and how one street could be so interesting! Then into St James Park and a good chat about the wildlife there, look at Buckingham Palace, then on to the more historic and political sights such as the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Supreme Court etc. The tour guide had extensive knowledge about the subject matter, the tour was loaded with really interesting historical and factual information. He made the tour fun and engages his audience. He uses a very good mike/sound system so that everyone can hear well even at a distance. He takes very good care of his tourers ensuring that they don't get lost or come to any harm. His backward walking really is a sight to see. He finds out where everyone is from countrywise and does his best to draw on the history of Britain and their country where possible, which I think is a nice touch for overseas visitors. I do not think it would be possible to beat this tour, it is great value for money. You even get a quirky souvenir! All in all a very enjoyable experience & cant wait to do the Jack the Ripper tour." Sarah, December 10th 2012

"Just a note to thank you for a fascinating tour. Our guide was brilliant and we are recommending you to all our friends." Robin & Kathy.  December 7th 2012

"We thoroughly enjoyed our walk in the company of the very knowledgeable guide.  Masses of interesting facts, not just relating to Jack the Ripper but all aspects of the City of London. We will definitely do another walk with London Premier Walking Tours soon."  Daryl, U.K., October 1st 2012.

"I really enjoyed this tour.  It delivered so much information not only related to Jack The Ripper but also to the history and of the places we visited. Each participant even got a  free London-related gadget :-) The tour guide kept us entertained with his knowledge, wit and "special effects" until the very end. I would definitely recommend it!" Laclaude, October 9th 2012

"Very interesting, Did this tour with my 14 year old daughter, bought on Groupon. Our guide was a nice chap, pointed out lots of other facts on the route, and why so many immigrants were suspected of the crimes, informative and atmospheric, with the wind whipping around and it wa dark by the end of the tour. Very interesting buildings that you wouldn't take a 2nd glance at, such as the german school, the pub the women frequented, fascinating. Well recommended. And the company responded to emails within an hour. Very good service. SunshineGirl, Braintree, November 1st 2012.

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Although it was billed as a 'Jack the Ripper' tour, it was so much more than that. Our guide was funny and extremely knowledgeable and was able to regale us with details of the history and architecture of the places visited . Whilst the tour was primarily about Jack the Ripper, we also visited the Financial District of London. The tour lasted 2 1/2 hours and was excellent value for money. Would definitely use London Premier Walking Tours again."  Margot, Belfast. October 11th 2012.

"The Jack the Ripper tour was fantastic. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and really approachable. We learned about Jack the Ripper, The Romans, Plagues, archaeology, history etc etc etc. It was particularly enjoyable for me as i work in this area of London and now i know the true history behind it. I will definitely be recommending the tour." Gareth, London, October 12th 2012.

"My guest and I very much enjoyed this tour. The tour guide was very friendly and had a fantastic in depth knowledge of The Whitechapel Murders and London history itself. The commentary was very good and the leaflets we were given explained everything perfectly. During the tour the tour guide showed us some interesting sights, and you actually felt that you had gone back in time and were actually in that era as the tour guide explained things so realistically. We got to see sights in London we had both never seen before and learn new interesting facts. This is a tour to remember and strongly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to learn about our great city."  Bill C, London, October 24th 2012.

"This was a fun tour with lots of history thrown in. The tour guide was funny and interesting. I know it was a tour about Jack the Ripper but the history of the area was the best part." Susan, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., October 1st 2012.

"Best kept secret! Visitors will LOVE these tours! Needed to entertain visitors (ages 19 to 22) from US. Kings, Queens, Politics and Power was the tour. They gave it two thumbs up! Easy to find the guide, they quickly respond when booking to direct you or answer questions. Guide gives loads of trivia bits (secrets about the Tube), and a variety of topics that kept my visitors wanting more. He seemed to figure out what was the most interesting to the small group he was leading and made it more personal and entertaining. Thank you! Excellent customer service in scheduling!!"  Kay from London, October 3rd 2012.

"We had an excellent guide who delivered both the story of Jack the Ripper and other interesting historical information with humour and great enthusiasm. We all enjoyed the tour very much and because he made it so interesting and we were surprised at how quickly the time had passed. Please pass on our thanks to him for a great tour." Joyce Gillies and friends. November 3rd 2012

"Summer in London was wonderful and so enriched by the experience of going on guided walking tours with London Premier. The guide provided not just facts but great insight to the locations. Humour was also provided. It was amazing how quickly 2 and a half hours passed. Definitely planning to do all that is on offer and share with other friends and visitors. Real value for money and a most enjoyable way to spend the time." Clive, Oxford, England, September 9th 2012.

"Hi Scott, over the last two months, we and our friends have been on several of your walking tours and have enjoyed all of them very much. We are especially appreciative and thankful to your guide for his enthusiasm and knowledge of the walks. He has been superb in engaging and ensuring that we are all enjoying the walk. I recall a walk during one of the hottest days in summer where he just kept going. What a star! Please send him our warm regards. Attached are some photos of him during the walks.  We wish you all the best and hopefully we will be able to join another walk soon. Kind regards,"  Mark and May, September 25th 2012

"The tour guide's  knowledge was immense. His style was informative but funny. I genuinely learnt a lot I didnt know before." Joe from London, November 2nd 2012.

"A tour that was interesting and informative throughout. Our guide was friendly, entertaining and made an effort to make it a more personal experience by referencing NY during the tour after he learned where we were from." eKat, New York City, U.S.A. November 4th 2012

"Our tour guide was brilliant - interesting and fun at the same time as well as a lovely lively guy. Made the whole thing which was already brilliant and full of interesting knowledge, even better. Thank you very much to him and the team." Ajaj, location not stated, December 14th 2012

"Hello, please could you tell me the name of the guide we had on our tour last Wednesday? It was the Jack the Ripper Secret London Walking Tour.  We thought that he was fantastic and hope to be able to join one of his future tours when we make another booking in the near future. Many thanks." Laura from London, September 18th 2012.

“Génial!” J'avais des amis de visite à Londres, et nous avons fait le tour "Queens, Kings, Politics & Power" hier, le mardi 16 octobre. Notre guide était extraordinaire! Energique, drôle, intéressant, clair et infatigable..Si on comprend l'anglais c'est une bonne alliance d'humour et d'histoire - en mêlant la grande et la petite. Je conseille aussi aux londoniens, on apprend des tas de choses, et on finit pas regarder la ville différemment.Deux heures et demi de tour pour quelques livres, sautez sur l'occasion! Je me réjouis d'essayer les autres tours de cette compagnie, j'amènerai toute la famille et les amis de passage. Jonathan from Geneva, Switzerland.  October 17th 2012.

"Hello, my husband and I went on the Secret London tour on Sunday. Just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with your tour guide, he was absolutely superb! We have now highly recommended the tour to others. kind regards, Joanna." September 4th 2012.

"Being a young couple, we both thoroughly enjoyed the 2.5 hr walk around the east side of London.
Both myself and my partner being from London and myself being originally from Whitechapel it was very fascinating to find out so much about our city that we did not know before.Our tour guide made it that little bit special with a good sense of humour along with a very knowledgeable brain!!!Thank you London Premier Walking Tours, :)"  CraneG, London, November 1st 2012

 "This is easily the best walking tour I have been on (Secret London Tour)."  Peter Fox from London, September 2nd 2012.

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic tour it was yesterday. It was really fascinating." Jackie from Australia, November 4th 2012.

"I wanted to tell you how much my friend and I enjoyed the Secret London walk on Monday 13th August. It was great and I may repeat this with other interested friends. The tour guide was great. I'm looking forward to going on the next one on Thursday 30th August, the Kings, Queens, Politics and Power tour. All the best, Pauline Brookes". August 26th 2012.

jack “Really amazing tour given by tour guide on Sunday 1st July on the Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour.  Definitely would recommend to a friend.  Tony & Indira from London, England.  July 2nd 2012.

"I went on the West End & Soho tour on Saturday at 4pm with my friend Oonagh, we both wanted to say how much we enjoyed the tour and wanted to pass on our thanks to our tour guide who was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond for the tour, great value at 2 1/2 hours."  Ruth & Oonagh, Galway, Ireland.  July 24th 2012.

jack “This tour (Secret London Tour) has been absolutely awesome, thank you”.  Shannon & Dianna from Chicago, U.S.A.  July 2nd 2012.

jack “We must say that the tour (Secret London Tour) has been really fantastic, thank you.” Johann & Liesl from Pretoria, South Africa.  July 3rd 2012.

jack "Hi, I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on yesterday's Kings, Queens, Politics & Power tour, many thanks to our tour guide." Stella Hart from London, England.  June 8th 2012.

jack “This Tower Bridge & River Thames Tour was superb, way above our expectations and a great start to our holiday.”  Hutch and family, Cape Town, South Africa.  July 5th 2012.

"We would just like you to know we enjoyed our (Tower Bridge & Thames River) walking tour and the tour guide was very good.  We look forward to booking again with you. Yours faithfully Paul & Lyn." London. July 21st 2012.

jack “We have had the most incredible time on The Secret London Tour today and can't thank you enough”.  Zephanii Smith and friends, from California, U.S.A. & Mexico.  June 24th 2012.

jack “We all had a great time today (Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour), highly educational, entertaining and full of surprising and shocking facts about British history.” Andre, Anna and friends, from Germany.  July 7th 2012.

jack The West End and Soho Tour exceeded my expectations. The guide was very nice and very friendly, in contrast to other firms' walks this one was extremely informative and interesting. I highly recommend it. ”. Anonymous from Germany.  July 10th 2012.

jack “You did a great job today with The Tower Bridge & Thames River Tour and we would like to book for tomorrow's Kings & Queens tour too.” The Meyer Family from Cincinatti, Ohio. USA.  June 11th 2012.

jack “I studied politics and history at university and am highly impressed by the tour you have given us today (Kings, Queens, Politics & Power Tour) and will be booking another tour with you very soon.”  Reshma and Mona, London, England.  July 3rd 2012.

jack “We have had a wonderful time and learned so many things about London (Secret London Tour)”. PK & AK from Delhi, India. June 29th 2012.

jack “This West End & Soho Tour was fascinating, very enjoyable and a great send off for our friend who is starting a new job in Paris tomorrow.”  Coltin, Jennifer and friends, London/U.S.A.  June 9th 2012.

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